Friday, April 15, 2022

A New World

Our Founder, and primary Inventor, recently had this miraculous devise implanted into the right ventricle of his heart. It is a MICRA single chamber LEADLESS pacemaker from Medtronic. He had a 2-chamber pacemaker with 2 leads previously and ended up fracturing both leads ultimately which led to a serious malfunction of the unit which damn near killed him. He was, and still is, a very active person, and was our prime prototype tester, so you could say that he suffered a near fatal work injury!

 It is quite probable that his duties on behalf of Disruptive Wind caused one lead to fracture last year and then the other to fracture last month (March 2022). The great news is that he almost fully recovered and now has NO leads to worry about. This is vital for our prototype testing and experimentation. We wish could talk about the projects we are working on currently, but we are looking to Disrupt an area of high focus right now. Secrecy is imperative. We will give a hint in that it does involve lifesaving, life enhancing, fun as well, and will do so in an environmentally friendly way as much as possible.

 OK, another hint, it does involve wind and water!

 More hints may be revealed from time to time on our Facebook page: Disruptive Wind.

The quantum physics discovery will be used to aid us in our endeavors, but we see no commercial application at this time. 

Looking forward to bringing you along as we move fast, build awesome things, and live in the future!

Monday, July 30, 2018

The crazy ride continues...

We have leapt so far ahead of the pack that I have trouble even hinting what we are doing. That's why there has not been a blog post in awhile. The budget is almost entirely secret Research and Experimentation right now. I expect little change on this for awhile. Health and life challenges are slowing us down considerably recently, but we shall continue to plug along!

We have a new business model that I do expect not to change much, because it is now based on unpredictable change. This business model is so unique that the model itself classifies as one of our greatest inventions.

As for my recent inventions/discoveries, I will give a hint and say that the quantum physics community is "unhappy" with me as I rock their boat. Too bad! The crazy ride continues...

Friday, March 23, 2018

WKO- Leveraging coincidence

update 4-15-2022
 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we refocused away from the WKO idea. 
Since then, we have explored and invented, while enhancing the lives of others and nature. We are now focused on ideas and inventions to save lives, enhance lives, and do so in support of saving our planet.
We have learned a lot in our journey and out future customers will greatly benefit as a result.
We are involved is Disrupting an area where many folks are busily innovating so, unfortunately, we cannot disclose any more information at this time. Thanks! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Forbidden Science and the Moral Imperative

I have seen the light!
It's a new year and Disruptive Wind is a new company!
Well, it's still called Disruptive Wind, but we have re-invented who we are and where we are going.
Actually, we will be doing more
meta-game analysis (<colored, these are links to other web pages)
as things progress.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped me, and this company, to be the success it is today.  I am also thinking of my father,
 Russell Jackson Schulz, and my grandfather,
  Gustav Otto Schulz, whose inventing ,tinkering, nurturing, and genetics have influenced me tremendously.

I was a clinical laboratory scientist as my career choice, which was cut short by health challenges that almost cut my life short as well. Taking care of my declining health became a full time job in itself and social security disability seemed to be the logical next step. Unfortunately, taking this next step would have been mortally stressful so luckily I took the innovative path instead! A win-win-win for all concerned! Since then, I have taken two huge gambles on highly risky heart surgeries that most of my doctors advised against. I almost died of complications from the first one but I am here now to tell you these were good decisions!

My priorities remain health, family, and Disruptive Wind, in that order and they are all related. It's pretty obvious to those close to me that this new career absorbs an even higher percentage of my available energy than lab medicine did. The needs of the business have often threatened my precarious balance in life. My 2018 resolution is to maintain a better balance and plan the long game with a financial win. I will do all I can to keep myself alive and healthy, as well as my family and my business. These are my responsibilities and I take them quite seriously.

That's me in the picture! Behind the kite. That's Jasmine in the water. She taught me how to kite-board, along with some others, all of whom I'd like to thank here.
After careful consideration, Disruptive Wind decided to provide the time and  resources to have me finally learn to kite-board as soon as possible, so this endeavor was undertaken the later half of 2017.  The purpose was to have me learn from an inventor's point of view. The process was done scientifically and with specific goals in mind. The kiting market is now much larger than the windsurfing market and is relatively much younger. I had ideas prior to learning but it is harder to invent from "outside" and certainly one has less credibility. I made some big missteps in the early windsurfing foil market and although Disruptive Wind's influence was undeniably positive for speeding introduction locally, we are going to do it right this time with kiting! We have a number of new ideas that will "blow" you away!

FYI, "I" and "we" are often used in this blog, often seemingly interchangeably. "I" write the blog. "We" make decisions, sometimes it's "I". There are other folks and intelligences involved. Please bear with "us", thanks.

Here's the email:
Here's the address: PO Box 2388 Gearhart, Oregon 97138-2388
We are on Facebook, please like and follow Disruptive Wind . Fast way to message me.
Here's the website:  Yes, it leads to this blog. If we ever do a retail start-up there will be a web-site that satisfies my ego, gets the job done properly, and wows the customer without annoying them. We have contemplated a business to business web-site (password protected) but there is no budget for that right now.

Speaking of budgets, we have funding for this year already and funding lined up for the next few years. If we make a "big move", investors stand ready to jump in. If you want to donate (note: we are for-profit) to our research, we'll be happy to take it, send a check! Or a bundle of cash! We'll also consider other ideas. What do you need / want invented?
  Try us... Inventor for hire!
 Both I, and Disruptive Wind, operate under very strict financial control. That control will be even more effective in the future as we will be operating smarter, as we have learned much from our experiences in life as both as a person and a business. I have always been very frugal except when money was easier to come by, back then, spending money was used to save time. Now, time is used to save money (I make my own granola and cut my own hair).  It is a priority NOT to have the business fail due to running out of money or by being "forced" into a panic push for revenue.

Still here? Yes, I am going to work my way closer to the title topic.
 I am an inventor.
 We are going to focus on my strengths as an inventor and generate inventions and then profit from those inventions by selling, licensing, or partnering. This means thinking up ideas, testing them, and developing/refining if needed/possible. Patents when appropriate, trade secrets if that works. I have a great patent available: Dynamic Foot Repositioning Systems  Much development past the patent but still within scope. For sale or exclusive license. We will be doing more research and experimentation/development work to make it a better invention this year (at which point I will blog about it). However, Emma (the love of my life) has lost faith in the idea after a major potential investor proclaimed
 "windsurfing is DEAD, move on". Another potential investor, and mentor, has told me this about kiting "it's still a small market in the scheme of things, you are not thinking big enough!"

SO, we opened it wide open. Creating system for managing categories, ideas, research, experiments, with highest security. Ideally, it would be great to have an invention/product worthy for the Sharks to fight over. FOMO (fear of missing out, ground floor gold rush). So now I have to confess/brag that I have been inventing stuff for decades as a hobby, I have been reading and studying my entire life (ever since I could read) and find science fascinating. I try to keep up on all the latest discoveries. An incredible amount of new science during my lifetime!  Early on, I never thought to patent anything. I was always pleased when one of my ideas appeared in a magazine or on a store shelf. Later, I did consider going somewhere with an idea, but one after another, the same idea would be "stolen" from me by someone else being faster than yours truly. I once dated a doctor who was impressed that I was studying quantum physics "for fun" but yet did not know how to dress properly. Still mostly true. Emma will confirm.

We inventors are a strange lot. Check this guy out:

I have developed a different technique. Perhaps I should patent it. The title of the patent would be something like this: "Program for Enhanced Inhibitory Control and Amplification of Cognitive Epiphanies by Strategic Use of Anandamide,
 2-Arachidonoylglycerol, Theobromine, and Contextual Plasticity." The use of Mimetic Analogs for Anadamide and 2-Arachidonoylglycerol would be covered by the patent as well. I am dead serious. And no, I do not have to risk being dead.
Why have I not patented this? Well...

That's right. The Federal Government of the USA has forbidden research on this topic. And so we finally arrived at the title topic!
I would also love to tell you about the dramatic experiment I did on a remote island that was actually forbidden science* of a different flavor. I now think best not to talk about it. Sorry. I had originally came up with this blog title because the "forbidden" science I was intending to talk about was * Pseudoscience. I have performed research and experiments on subjects that fall into this category, some with surprising success. This is a ripe area for patenting and inventions but there is a real challenge at the money end. Nobody wants to get scammed, how would I distinguish myself successfully? An area to tread carefully. Would be nice to create/prove new science. Then everyone wins and you are famous!

Here is another challenging area:
If a patent has national security implications, it can be blocked.
Even if a patent would favor another country economically, it could be blocked.
I have a great idea I would love to patent. It's so awesome I can not believe it's not patented and/or in everyone's home. My paranoid self has determined it COULD fall under this category, even though I disagree it SHOULD. This is one of the reasons we need to be working on multiple ideas.
 Another reason is that I could file a patent tomorrow, yet someone else could have filed the same invention today. It would be almost 2 YEARS before I found out the bad news. Part of my job is to check all the recent patent applications published every few months in my areas of interest. And when I do file a patent, it can be challenged ANYTIME after publishing FOR THE LIFE OF THE PATENT, if it can be shown someone else had already published a similar idea. And patents can overlap/infringe which can lead to a real mess. I spend a LOT of time doing patent searching. This process is not easy. One does not just simply Google it, although a good place to start.

Click on Bierstick for a "fun" invention.
I thought of a great idea in this same category, a sure thing I thought (found out later that my idea was already on the market). Not sure if this could be patented but it fails the MORAL IMPERATIVE.
I am simply NOT going to patent something that is WRONG, encourages BAD behavior, can be weaponized, or threatens the government / criminals/ corrupt large corporations/etc. or gives anyone motivation to harm me or my family in any way. Seems self-evident but I did have one invention that I wasted time on only to then realize it fell into this category. I think more ahead now.

Yes, it's the 

The Dog Dryer Puff-N-Fluff 

This category is of inventions that either can not be patented or are not worth patenting due to unlikely/uncertain sufficient market acceptance. Can easily be knocked-off (copied). Some of these surprise everyone and end up on Shark Tank. Some are only successful BECAUSE they were on Shark Tank. Take the money and run!
These are the easiest to invent and I will admit to a number of these ideas.
I will try to exhibit a high degree of inhibitory control.

Long post!  I'll use now to get a chance to talk about my very recently invented Broot (TM) which may actually fall into one of these no-no categories. We'll see after I build and do some experiments with a prototype.
 Welcome to 2018!
 Be well...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dark times in the USA

Here is an update of where we are at.
The silver lining is that Disruptive Wind is still going strong and has made a real difference in my life, as well as having significant, behind the scenes, impact worldwide. I am very optimistic for the future of this company as we continue to expand our intellectual properties, databases, scientific and industry knowledge, and explore new areas.
The company continues to be cash flow negative, but this is intentional. We have a number of business plans that, if pursued, would result in revenue generation potentially leading to net profitability. However, the problem is the word "potentially". And that has sunk many a business.
The largest issues to growing a business "organically" are right at the start. One has to make a leap through a ring of fire
which is almost impossible to go back through, should things not pan out.

I will briefly run through why "making a little money" is a nightmare that I wish to avoid.
-Recordkeeping: The burden is high as it is, but with an active business, becomes almost an FTE in itself. FTE is Full Time Equivalent, also known as "one employee". More about FTE's later.
-Time: Running a start-up takes massive amounts of time, time which would no longer be available for inventing, researching, experimenting, and all the many other things keeping me extremely busy already. I could hire another FTE to do this as well, but then I am managing the 2 FTE's and would no doubt get sucked in as the business grows; there is never enough manpower.
-Legal: The modern regulatory requirements for new businesses are severe. I can invent at home and experiment out in the world but I am absolutely forbidden from operating a home business that manufactures or has customers coming in and out. Insurance would be required, renting property to house the business, government inspections, permits, licences, business accounts, and even more FTE's to do the work.
-Equity and control: The money, division of labor, and legal liability would mean transitioning to a corporation business structure. To obtain the needed money would involve loans and/or giving up equity. Both would entail loss of the absolute control I enjoy now.
-Risk: Most start-ups fail. Shark Tank type investors want businesses that have leapt through the ring of fire and are now indisputably on their way to huge profits. In the past, we have only focused on areas with niche or narrow markets, with moderate profit potential, not huge. We now see why this appears to have been a mistake, but I will say that the ride was worth it to get us to where we are now. Bottom line on this item: I do not see a clear path yet for prior inventions except for quite possibly the MoaB (TM) repositioner (which needs further inventing to solve it's largest drawback).
-Experience: This is my third business. My first was Peter and Eddies Studio, a partnership with the famous Fast Eddie that basically involved a crazy plan to sponsor the Oregon band MZT and failed miserably with the very first concert at the Seaside Convention Center.
My second business was P & R Agronomics, a S corporation that pioneered a new way to grow Shiitake mushrooms with a fantastic business model that provided significant revenue from fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms, and DIY kits. This successful business was terminated due to the inability to scale and grow organically. I was unwilling to take the risks involved in a leap bigger vs. a job offer that assured a comfortable income and much less stress. It was a wise decision as we would have ultimately been doomed as a key supplier/local industry later failed.
Back to the current business: I have learned a lot and continue to learn. Biding my time and getting it right will pay off. The proper idea can be sold or licensed to others with minimal risk.
-Taxes, Money, and Health Insurance: This is where the title of this blog post applies. Sadly, the USA is in crisis right now as our for-profit health care system is collapsing with the encouragement of our corrupt government. Our economy is at risk as well as the wealth imbalance continues to worsen, again with the help of our corrupt government. Did I mention that our government is corrupt?
The fact that my business has to directly bear the cost of my own health coverage, as well as that of any FTE's I hire, is the single largest impediment to the success of Disruptive Wind. The tax structure comes in at a close second, with the corrupt government only seeking to make things worse (except for Bernie Sanders, of course, who continues to fight the good fight). My current effective marginal tax rate is OVER 100%!  To bring in a single dollar in revenue (or decrease loss) actually would cost me over a dollar. Hundreds means hundreds+ more. Same with thousands. It would take many tens of thousands of dollars of revenue before there would even be a chance of coming out ahead.
Bigger losses do not help, however, and there may be a way to manage a balanced income/loss situation that maintains the precious stability I have worked so hard to achieve. 

I'll shed some light about what (and why)  Disruptive Wind is now excitedly working on, as well as some thoughts on some amazing results of secret experiments done on a remote tropical island recently by me, in my next blog post tentatively titled " Forbidden Science and the Moral Imperative'. 
 Be well... 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Project Retork

This is how shit happens: looked at a bunch of different stuff on the internet during breakfast; my usual routine includes some Facebook time as well. Not surprisingly, I made some new friends/contacts and learned some good stuff. Then it's onto the loo while pondering and boom: a new crazy million dollar idea that seems absurdly obvious in retrospect, pulling together various bits and pieces of what I had just seen.
Project Retork is born!
Watersport related.
Will it be flushed and never make it to market?
It's my job to find out...

Sunday, April 23, 2017


It's now well into 2017 and I could not be more excited!
I apologize for the LONG duration since my last post, things did not go according to my hopes and it was a rough winter here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.
Spring is here now though and my energy level is now HIGH!

We have been working on a lot of different projects, and considering a lot of different directions. Time is flying by, and I want to make the most of it. I hope to recognize when it's time to focus!

OK, so the active water-sport space is getting a lot of attention lately.
This is great for our business,
I have seen a number of ideas we have considered now taking off, and I see the future coming closer for others.

Development work, R&D, and showcasing will continue for the MoaB (TM) repositioner. If you want to try one, buy one, or license the patent:
E-mail the same address if you want us to showcase and/or distribute/resell your awesome new water related toy/sport/etc.. We expect a lot of field testing again this summer. We will also be showcasing in public places as well, with slow times before and after our field tests, we have a "captive" audience for introducing new stuff. Besides, I admit I enjoy being "mobbed" and talking about new toys.

Which brings me at last to the prime topic and exciting prospect that is the reason for the KISS title and pictures. I have had a grand vision for many years of a "new toy" that has the potential to disrupt the industry in a very positive way. I am watching very closely as others bring out new products that are super cool, but I fear for their success. We have learned a lot about the marketplace and what folks want. I have also learned that I MUST be passionate about what I am working on and that the end result must be affordable, and, above all, FUN!
Tech continues to excite, be it drones , foils, carbon fiber, wearables,  or whatever.
I am seeing some serious scope creep as some new products try to adopt all the latest, and become very expensive in the process.
Recently, I was pricing out what it would take to make a prototype of my latest top secret idea and what the end product might cost the consumer.
Thousands, many thousands!
And then it hit me ; KISS!
I can test this concept for a whole lot less by using old school, off the shelf and/ or out of the dumpster stuff. Except for one little brand new idea, without which I would look like some sort of  crackpot.
(The brand new idea gets the patent, and may disrupt more than just water-sports. Saying no more...)
If I am spotted early on, I will be seen as that Crazy Inventor Guy, and hopefully ignored. No one will know what I am really up to until later.
We will use the information gathered from initial field testing to evaluate just how high tech we need to go to create the initial consumer product. It is likely the tech will become more refined, robust, tested, proven, and less expensive. We will enter the sweet spot quickly and dominate the initial market.
You heard it here first!
ALSO, this time around, my latest idea can be summed up and explained in only TWO WORDS!

It may be awhile before my next post, no news is good news, right?
Unless I have  information you need to know...
Have a great summer!  - Peter