Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introducing the FoaB!

Greetings and welcome to April!
I hope you read my last post.

I've been getting inquiries about the secret Mass Force project for "anything at all", "even some teasing", "throw us a bone"!

OK, I cave a little bit...

It's a new board called "FoaB" that I built myself with "help" from 5 of the world's top shaper/ designers. FoaB stands for "Frankenstein of all Boards".

No, this is not it. The board I built will break cameras, combust film, cause women to shriek, children cry, and expert windsurfers gag and/or outright vomit. It is meant to be ridden, not looked at. It is purely about function and what can be done with it. It also goes against just about everything the modern board designer now embraces. It has the added bonus of being a shameful attention getter,

If it even works. So it will be in the MoaBmobile aka Great White on her maiden road trip with a top secret itinerary. Here's hoping...   Peter Schulz

P.S. Accuracy disclaimer: Given the date, I could not resist some embellishment on a few things in this post. The FoaB is real. It yearns to get wet!

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