Thursday, May 14, 2015

A break from the road trip story for a current update

I'm still hurt and can barely type but hope to get back out on the water soon.
The Sprinter van "great white" is in the shop getting a new turbo.
STILL have not made it back to the Disruptive Wind shop so focusing right now on planning, tons of other stuff, getting healthy, and testing what is currently ready.
Initiatives: Formula, kite race board, slalom race,  freestyle, beginner, etc., have been pushed to bottom of the list as we continue to focus on bump and jump, wave, and swell riding, which includes down-winders. Foiling has moved up the list. Looking at getting more local involvement vs. HORUE or AHD. or iFOIL( not that I would rule them out if approached). The video shows the best footage I could find of current state of the art. I know folks are working on this. We can get you exposure and a better video (more videos of ours will be out hopefully before not too long!). We can provide the board for a tuttle box type set -up. Alternatively, we can bolt on a prototype MoaB to YOUR board.
We do plan to attend the next swap meet on May 17th at Windance / Hood River.

We did have a secret test session at Stevenson where 3 boards were tested with good success on May 1st. Although I could barely walk (acute plantar fasciitis), once on the water, the cushy pads, and the MoaB advantage made it look easy.

Here again are some of the videos we do have out there. With our new software and footage from multiple cameras on the road trips, hopefully there will be more videos soon!

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