Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The No Way Gybe!

Lots of great stuff happening but this one stood out. What if I told you I could switch stance while windsurfing in challenging conditions and be TOE SIDE TO THE WIND with the sail downwind  of my body and then slam a gybe! No way! Well, here is video to prove it and my friend Rich Mitchell cruising by upwind as a reference to show wind direction. MoaB (TM) repositioner: it's just beginning...

I never even would have thought this was possible but I was asked if I could ride "toe side" to the wave on the MoaB (TM ) repositioner. I misunderstood what was being asked and this breakthrough move is the result. It just goes to show that this thing is capable of more than I have even begun to imagine! Critical observers please note: this was my FIRST EVER attempt at this, in very challenging conditions (equipment and bodies were being broken this day) as the wind was 10 to 40 MPH plus, very gusty, with the rough water to go along with it. As I was moving along in the backwards stance, the wind dropped completely and the gybe was done upon realizing this, by coasting only, with a very unimpressive exit.
Along with the new "Spider" gybe (spin/slide with fins disengaged/in the air) there is lots more to practice and have fun with!

The proud-funding campaign at  http://igg.me/at/disruptivewind/x/11426751
has only hours left!
If you missed out and still want to make a deal
(of any sort) please contact me at disruptivewind@gmail.com. It may still be possible to do a rush filing of foreign patents.

It has been a great learning experience and we now understand our challenges much better moving forward. Thank you!

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