Friday, July 24, 2015

We want hot windsurfing babes!

Today's post starts with the latest update from the Indigogo campaign at:

"Slashing prices again. Dropped the Europe down payment option to $10,000 USD ! Questions have been raised about why we do not have video of screaming carving gybes on flat water. Or loops! The honest answer to that is two-fold: Flat water with strong steady wind is non-existent locally, but even more importantly, it just never occurred to me that THE MUCH EASIER thing to do would be something that would impress anyone knowledgeable. Same story with loops.
We are a very small company. If we could hire hot young windsurfing babes to be doing all this and filming from a helicopter, or water cameras costing many thousands, and spending many thousands more getting "big names" to tout our product and paying magazines and PR firms big bucks as well, plus, eye-catching prototypes with hologram graphics, then it would have been a whole different story, wouldn't it?
From a technical standpoint, I could not be happier. All of the latest generation of prototypes have performed great! Every time out on the water we learn something new, and realize that exploring the possibilities has only just begun!"

The Reluctant Entrepreneur
I have been looking at video taken recently with an eye towards editing and creating new videos to publish. This is a very time consuming process which takes many times longer than capturing the video to begin with (also, there are at least 2 cameras). And there is a lot of great stuff. The problem is that I have to pick from all this great stuff : analysis paralysis. And since I am the one who did the stuff (currently, that will change again as we get beta tester video), I can relate the video to being there, and realize just how amazing it was to achieve what is seen, and the technical significance. The problem is that other viewers of the video know none of this, and only expert windsurfers, who have done the same thing, have any hope of picking up on the subtle nuances.
And then another field session happens, and even more great stuff is captured, and now I am even further behind! And the constant phone calls, e-mails, letters, Facebook PM's, job at the lab, mouths to feed, engines to replace, life! : This is the joyful (?) hell of the reluctant entrepreneur! Toss in a last minute proud-funding campaign because the patent filing deadlines are fast approaching and... well, I apologize that I can not make everyone happy, but I promise you, I may have to scale back and refocus, but I will continue on, to the best of my ability. Thank you!  

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