Saturday, August 15, 2015


Here is a little fun video.
 My windsurfer took a trip without me!

 Working on more videos but the opportunities to showcase in stronger wind and larger swells keep happening , thus generating even more awesome video than what we already have, so I am now farther behind than ever!

This was what it was doing at Marker 40 at The Wall yesterday (August 14, 2015).
I was out on the water at the windiest time of the day and I was completely BY MYSELF
at Marker 40 and Peach Beach. I could see some folks out at Maryhill and when I returned from my journey back to the launch at Marker 41, there was the largest crowd I have ever seen, including the likes of Wyatt Miller, Anna Rohden, John Akagi, and Tyson Poor. It was quite a bit mellower there with a lot less wind and much smaller swell, but all looked to be having a great time.
The day I had was BEYOND EPIC as I was more than "generously" powered on a 5.0 Loft sail and my 90 liter Fish with Moab (TM) repositioner. The largest river swells I have ever windsurfed on, at times I just let the sail vane out and held on with one hand. I sure hope the cameras caught some of this incredible action.
One thing is certain. I have pushed the limits well beyond what I thought was possible. Each session tops the last one in terms of new moves, longer "ski rides", faster jibes, confidence to "mix it up" with the pros, and to showcase in front of the crowds and cameras. My next video is tentatively titled
"Buzzing the Hatch", using footage from August 4, where we launched from Swell City on a "Big Day" and took fun swell rides and downwind blasts past the Hatchery.
I would have done better yesterday at The Wall, except that I had the longest session of my Disruptive Wind career the day before (August 13, 2015) with what I am calling "The Tour".
Launched at Waterfront Park in Hood River on the FoaB with 5.7 Loft. Kept blasting by this guy in a Zodiac as he headed downriver, past the kiter crowd off the new spit, Wells Island, The Hatchery, and finally to Swell City. I think I can claim ANOTHER FIRST as I believe I was potentially photographed AT EVERY LOCATION he was at on our journey together. I did not realize he was a photographer at first as he was having a challenging time getting through the sizable swells.

Update: Here are links to the Stawacki photos:
10+ photos. At start and again at #4738 and on
4 photos starting at #4864 for Swell City and 6+ photos at #5075 vicinity for Cheap Beach

There may be photos at the Hatch and Event Site/waterfront park as well but I did not see any after a brief search, he was mostly traveling as I circled him over a dozen times.

 Spending too much time wave riding, etc., I was unhooked so much that my left arm swelled with blood and I could barely grip with my left hand. So I wisely decided to blast back to the launch and may have set new speed records as this board is extremely fast and stable hard off the wind. Both cameras had shut down to to lack of memory and/or battery power, so there may not be documentation of this thrilling ending to an amazing day.

In other news, I am busy working on engineering, design refinement, and plans for construction of prototypes for 2 new inventions that will complement the MoaB (TM) repositioner, but actually are completely stand alone ideas. Pretty ambitious, and testing is going to be a  bit of a challenge, as it continues to be SOP for me to be "mobbed" at any public launches. However, I have a number of "secret" launches, and private launches (such as Club Shred) at our disposal.

I want to thank all those helping me behind the scenes, you will be part of history, and in the videos and future blog posts (with your consent). Again, my email is 
Shorter, more frequent updates on Facebook
 ( Disruptive Wind ).

( I hope to edit this post and add pictures later as I finally get to review footage, however, all our hard drives are full right now (8-18-15 update, now dealing with 5 hard drives and over 7 (seven!) TERABYTES of data) so it may be awhile...)

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