Thursday, February 23, 2023

What doesn't kill you...

 So glad I am alive to write about this!

Passed out in the kitchen and took a fall sideways and backwards into cabinets below the sink with my head. Since I was unconcious, I had no muscle tone, and since I was 6 foot 2 inches tall, this provided a lot of kinetic energy to absorb. Well, I am now a full inch shorter. 2 displaced fractures in my neck, 1 fracture in my back, and 1 rib fracture. Was very lucky not to have a brain bleed as I am taking Eliquis, a "blood thinner". Greatful to have avoided surgery as one of the neck fractures was a facet joint. I wore this $1000 4 post orthotic brace (Aspen Vista) for over three months. I am now weaned off of wearing the brace and am doing physical therapy. My neck still feels very strange if I try to move it, some pain, but not much. 

I am slowly working on 3 different projects for Disruptive Wind while I recover. 

First is completing at least my 10th prototype on a water related invention that has broad applications, so much so that I can coin the pun "swimming in oppurtunity", a Shark Tank phrase.

Second is a "new" accounting system that will facilitate certain business activities. Early stages, but doing real world testing. Potential AI applications. 

Third is negotiating a contract for Disruptive Wind with a Federal Government agency to perform certain ongoing tasks that I have a developed, through innovation,  a particular skill set that is very efficient and productive. I can do work for 20% percent of the usual cost but I don't want to be employed as such, because I have a business to run, health concerns as far as scheduling time, and want to be my own boss.   

This is all I can say for now, as all 3 are requiring secrecy to be successful for Disruptive Wind. Thanks!