Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unanswered questions = Hard Work!

Foiling field test

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Just one of a number of MoaB (TM) repositioner videos at YouTube
 (jump ahead to catch some rapid action)
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Update: Welcome to new visitors. I am "temporarily" using a blog as the company's website.
Obviously, we will have a more traditional website going as we bring products to market.
I have been extremely busy expanding the companies IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio (patents, etc.) and conducting field experiments to answer questions (research and experimentation) about various inventions.
There are 3 main areas of focus that some of the public is aware of:
MoaB (TM) repositioner   Patent # 8,870,615 (USA)
EasyFoil (TM)

We have decided upon windsurfing as the sport to test and introduce these innovations, although other sports may be impacted as well.
On August 9, 2016 . I tested a proof of concept EasyFoil (TM) board that proved our latest shallow water foiling innovation  works in low wind / flat water conditions quite nicely. So smooth and quiet, I went halfway across the river without even bothering to look where I was going! This is because I was busy videoing the board, water surface, interaction with the foil, etc.. I am not going to give specifics prior to patent publication, but I will tell you that we have the ONLY foil out there that protrudes no more than 15 inches (40 cm) below the bottom of the host board. We have the ONLY foil out there that is DESIGNED to operate just below the water's surface that WILL NOT suffer catastrophic loss of lift should it surface briefly by passing through the trough of a wavelet. I documented this last Tuesday as I traveled hundreds of meters dead flat just below the water surface.
I am so excited by this accomplishment that I will be "disappearing" for a couple of weeks to revise our business plan once again and to design future prototypes. I think it is likely that we will finally incorporate and/or partner/merge with another company. I think it is likely we will increase the size of our team and that another round of financing will be sought. It is possible that we will license to others some of our inventions. I know a lot of hard work is ahead and am very excited to get to it!

P.S. We have yet to create a Bernie-boarding, MoaB, or EasyFoil video  from the dozens of hours acquired during recent field sessions. We intend to record more video (and from different view angles, still looking for a wind capable drone!)  with an aim toward  high value promotional videos. The "problem" is each session provides so much more "better/cooler" material as new concepts and prototypes are tested. Unfortunately, video editing/creation may have to wait until after the local windy season ends. My apologies!