Friday, March 23, 2018

WKO- Leveraging coincidence

I'll get right to it.
Recent events have lined up to make our latest business plan look like we are brilliant foreseers.
The vision for WKO has been gelling for quite some time now.
With Trump *"reluctantly signing" (*edited:veto was blocked , he will be removed from power soon) the latest USA budget fiasco and starting a trade war with China, etc., the stage is set.
WKO stands for "We Knock On (TM)" a new employee/customer owned online marketplace/ innovation incubator that will feature products to be MADE IN AMERICA that are worthy enough to be "knocked off" elsewhere. We also will sell improved (durable, functional, better) versions of previously cheap imports. We ultimately hope to support innovation by offering services to inventors to prototype, test, and market new products. Also, a legal team experienced in IP (Intellectual Property) protection to advise and protect inventors. Our experiences with Disruptive Wind has been invaluable in uncovering these needs. No longer will entrepreneurs have to face the daunting tasks of prototyping and negotiating with overseas manufacturers who often run a "third shift" on the sly, making, selling, and profiting off of your product, without your permission!
Employee/ customer owned business model: we anticipate having a membership type model where customers pay an annual fee that can be reduced/eliminated by purchases or other participation in the company's success (product reviews, ideas, referrals, etc.). Members will get password access to lower prices and perks, shop via VPN (Virtual Private Network) anonymously (protected user data), and much more.
Everything that we see wrong/lacking with the big guys, we will do right, and better.
No targeted advertising, no selling of user data, employees earn a living wage, with great benefits.
We expect that the vetoing of the budget plan today will lead to congress finally enacting health care as a right in the USA, joining the rest of the industrialized world. This is absolutely crucial to our business success and we will not launch until this happens. (Edit: it appears our government has gone crazy at the top and it will take awhile to sort it all out, but we remain optimistic for a positive ending, our future depends on it!)
We have lots of great ideas that we will not reveal here, and expect more from those who join and partner with us. The big guys should not feel threatened by us, we actually expect to partner with them in mutually beneficial ways. As for the really small businesses, we believe we can increase your success through services, marketing, and leveraging our strengths.  We are striving for a win-win situation as we correct a serious trade imbalance and bring quality to America!
What about Disruptive Wind? We are developing an entire line of products with an aim to "owning" a certain market space that does not exist yet. Utmost secrecy involved. WKO will be the perfect partner for us, as most of our anticipated products could easily by "knocked off". It all fits together. All for now!