Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bernie-boarding has taken over my life!

From Facebook today:

Bernie-boarding update/summary: It works.
We are actively debating the path forward*.

 We are learning a lot with every test session, each which has a set of defined goals.
 16 MPH of wind has proven to be the best for "gliding" mode for the latest Dream Dare prototype. Multi-modal use with the same watercraft without needing to change or adjust ANYTHING is the true strength of this innovation, in my opinion.
 The team strongly believes that, although this can be taken completely into a new sport altogether, we should focus on tying it to an existing sport to ease entry for early adopters.

*There are drawbacks and challenges that can be ignored and a product introduced to the market this summer (Shark Tank argument, make money!) .
 Or, we could explore more, invent more, and wait for a "perfected" product, since we have effectively no competitors.
 Hopefully, another round of prototypes and testing will give us the data we need to clarify our path!

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