Sunday, April 23, 2017


It's now well into 2017 and I could not be more excited!
I apologize for the LONG duration since my last post, things did not go according to my hopes and it was a rough winter here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.
Spring is here now though and my energy level is now HIGH!

We have been working on a lot of different projects, and considering a lot of different directions. Time is flying by, and I want to make the most of it. I hope to recognize when it's time to focus!

OK, so the active water-sport space is getting a lot of attention lately.
This is great for our business,
I have seen a number of ideas we have considered now taking off, and I see the future coming closer for others.

Development work, R&D, and showcasing will continue for the MoaB (TM) repositioner. If you want to try one, buy one, or license the patent:
E-mail the same address if you want us to showcase and/or distribute/resell your awesome new water related toy/sport/etc.. We expect a lot of field testing again this summer. We will also be showcasing in public places as well, with slow times before and after our field tests, we have a "captive" audience for introducing new stuff. Besides, I admit I enjoy being "mobbed" and talking about new toys.

Which brings me at last to the prime topic and exciting prospect that is the reason for the KISS title and pictures. I have had a grand vision for many years of a "new toy" that has the potential to disrupt the industry in a very positive way. I am watching very closely as others bring out new products that are super cool, but I fear for their success. We have learned a lot about the marketplace and what folks want. I have also learned that I MUST be passionate about what I am working on and that the end result must be affordable, and, above all, FUN!
Tech continues to excite, be it drones , foils, carbon fiber, wearables,  or whatever.
I am seeing some serious scope creep as some new products try to adopt all the latest, and become very expensive in the process.
Recently, I was pricing out what it would take to make a prototype of my latest top secret idea and what the end product might cost the consumer.
Thousands, many thousands!
And then it hit me ; KISS!
I can test this concept for a whole lot less by using old school, off the shelf and/ or out of the dumpster stuff. Except for one little brand new idea, without which I would look like some sort of  crackpot.
(The brand new idea gets the patent, and may disrupt more than just water-sports. Saying no more...)
If I am spotted early on, I will be seen as that Crazy Inventor Guy, and hopefully ignored. No one will know what I am really up to until later.
We will use the information gathered from initial field testing to evaluate just how high tech we need to go to create the initial consumer product. It is likely the tech will become more refined, robust, tested, proven, and less expensive. We will enter the sweet spot quickly and dominate the initial market.
You heard it here first!
ALSO, this time around, my latest idea can be summed up and explained in only TWO WORDS!

It may be awhile before my next post, no news is good news, right?
Unless I have  information you need to know...
Have a great summer!  - Peter

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