Thursday, November 6, 2014



Turns out I was also caught by Stawicki as I arrived on the famous downwinder that set records from Viento to the Hatchery. He took 25 pictures of me! Fairly sedate stuff as the wind was dropping fast and left me floating just east of the Hatchery 2 miles short of my Hood River goal. I had to swim in which was no easy trick as I was firmly in the grip of the locally strong current.

Today's true topic : Disruptive. The MoaB (TM) positioner (patent # 8,870,615) makes drop hopping and all kinds of cool fast jibes fun and easy. But what I envision disrupting the sport of windsurfing is the vast majority of "failed" jibes , which are not failures at all. I call them "dunk" jibes and a good example of one is seen in the video at the 5 minute mark. This 10 seconds is the most significant of the video. Because the ability to learn a SURE THING can help everyone from a learner to a racer to an expert. More about this later.

I am leaving for a month on a discreet project, code named "Dark Side". I will be off the grid in a remote part of the world. I may not be able to communicate electronically.
I'll blog again as soon as I can. Wish me luck!   - Peter

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