Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Blow Out Training

Stawiki Photography

I made the cover! JP 112 with MoaB repositioner , 5.7 Loft . I was actually looking for pictures from yesterday's EPIC downwinder when I saw my famous orange sail with the Starboard emblem as the lead photo for July 28, 2014 pictures taken off Swell City, At the time this set of pictures was taken, I was busy chasing down (trying to video) one of our beta testers (Roger) who was testing a MoaB repositioner on our Starboard Fish 95. It was Roger's first time using a MoaB repositioner and he was jibing up a storm in poor conditions from the moment he launched! A true natural. Brought tears to my eyes. I felt really bad taking the board away from him. It remains my favorite of the entire fleet of over 2 dozen prototypes constructed to date. I used it yesterday, with the same 5.7 Loft, in my crazy journey from Viento to a swim-in ending east of the Hatch. I say crazy because the great wind at the start soon transformed into very poor quality up-and-down, gusty wind that had way too much north in it. There was a zone just west of Mitchell Point that was almost impossible to get through. The plus side of all the crappy NW wind was that when I did get lit up, on a giant gust/surge, it provided me with some of the best "drop hopping" yet as my line of travel was straight upriver over sets of giant closely stacked swells! Unbelievably fun and exciting. I can not even imagine being able to do this without the benefit of the MoaB repositioner.

I feel like the luckiest man on the planet. - Peter

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