Saturday, January 10, 2015

Commercialization Part 4

More "boring" business stuff here. I felt bad about speaking poorly of this company as they seem to have brought me very good luck! Up past midnight 2 nights in a row. So I am going to give them first right of refusal (for 2 weeks).
Here is the letter:

Peter Schulz

11:59 AM (1 minute ago)
to Amy
Hello Amy at BankonIP,
A lot has happened in a very short period of time! I am not sure whether to blame or thank you or if this is just a coincidence but some sort of tipping point has been reached and now I am swamped with opportunities. Please be discrete about what I have revealed to you as I am now in a situation of containment so that I can maintain a competitive value/element of surprise to the marketplace. Obviously, I am not interested in your program you have outlined, however I do feel that if you want to make a direct offer to purchase the US patent, I would consider that, asking $180K currently (price good for 14 calender days to 1-26-2015). We fully intend to go for the new European unitary patent, etc. as that is where the big money is going to be IMO. We are considering a local start-up (Portland,OR, this place is HAPPENING, move your company here!) if things come together, in which case we would either buy the patent back (at a healthy premium, of course) or license from you. I'm willing to consider other types of deals that would be mutually beneficial. Time is of the essence.
Again, please do not solicit or market on my behalf, I will not compensate you for it, we have no agreement in writing or otherwise.
Life is full of surprises!    Thanks,   Peter Schulz / Disruptive Wind 

As I asked her, I ask you as well, please do NOT help spread the word. And no, this is not some sort of reverse psychology!   < If this blog disappears, you will know things got out of control >


  1. They got right back to me. Sorry, I can not comment other than to say negotiations are underway.

  2. Any follow-ups with them? We went to one of their seminars. There were like 25 attendees. After a few e-mails and phone calls, they seemed to be interested in our patent. They sent us a business proposal and asked for $7000. They claimed that they would return the money if they couldn't commercialize it. Their online reviews look scary. A simple google search shows quite a few complaints. I think it's way too risky to work with them. Thanks for making the posts. Good luck to you and your patent!