Friday, February 13, 2015

Good vibes!

Sorry about having to click on the link, Vimeo is not owned by Google.

The video shows a step jibe at high speed on flat water. The risky camera view shows well the scary little dance the feet must make. This is the prime reason I invented the MoaB (TM) repositioner. The video was sent to me by a nice fellow from South Africa as a result of the Boards forum discussion "Step v Strap" which has had over 5000 views (69 replies, and top of the list for 3 days) so far. The video "92 seconds" has had well over a hundred views. The feedback from the very cordial responses has been just what I had hoped for. Truly validates the need. And removes the worry that all the positive responses (like damn near everybody!)  I have received in person were just  because of my winning personality and/or folks just being nice.

Next generation of prototypes update:
 Perhaps I am trying to do too much all at once. A frequent challenge for me is that  I can invent faster than I can build and test. This time is was the "wouldn't it be nice" idea to have personalized custom footdeck pads utilizing thermoformable foam. I had done an experiment (#1) using a small piece and my thumb. Worked great with heat gun. Does not scale though. I can not get the foot-sized piece to the right temperature throughout and keep it there long enough to take an impression. Can not do one  part at a time because any reheating brings the foam back to flat again. I'd show you a picture but there is nothing to see! Moving on with a different idea already proven by Jimmy Lewis.
(However, the foam does glue to ABS well. Will try again later after some thought.)

Experiment #2; Confidential. Still in progress. Hopeful.

Experiment #3; Radiant heat for contact cement work in cold air. Success!

Local weather looks like possible windsurfing may be happening soon. Back to work in hopes of having something ready to test. Take care...

P.S. Oh, and thanks to Derek from the forum, going to call jibes made using a MoaB (TM) the term  Track jibes as a new category of jibes. Or Track Gybes  for overseas use.

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