Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Opportunity knocks!


I have been crazy busy after having a new huge breakthrough idea that I hope to test and apply to the next generation of prototypes. Was going to title this "Stop the Presses!" but before I could post I was made aware of a discussion on the UK windsurfing magazine BOARDS (link above) about which is better, the "step" gybe vs. the "strap-to-strap" gybe. Well, the strap-to-strap jibe is exactly what the MoaB repositioner does best, being the actual inspiration for the invention! So I have hastily put together a 92 second video called (sorry) "92 Seconds" so I could post a "sneaky" reply to their forum and get some much needed feedback from windsurfers on the other side of the planet who share my stoke for challenging conditions.
Here is the video:

All for now...

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