Monday, March 16, 2015

Bugging Fanatic

Not having heard back from Fanatic yet (I am sure they are quite busy as are we all!) I wrote them again today:

I wrote to you earlier about the possibility of adding your new Stubby to our fleet of demo boards that we will be traveling around with to popular windsurfing sites this season in mainly the western USA, specifically Oregon coast ( on shore to side shore waves) and Columbia River Gorge (large river swells/ chop/ etc.) for the majority of our tours.  See our blog at for more details on what our innovative company is up to!  I have been following the news on the Stubby and with more details released today, it does seem exactly like the concept we have been working on to complement our MoaB (TM) repositioner. We were actually secretly working on almost exactly the same concept. Rather than compete (since you beat us to the market already!)   it seems logical to work together to bring windsurfing to the future.
We do already have participation from Starboard, JP,RRD, Naish, and more, and would love to have your brand (does not have to be just the Stubby) represented as well. Also, other business arrangements/ideas would be considered as well.
If you are NOT interested, rather than not respond, could you please briefly tell us why? We could then craft an appropriate response to our customers that would be appropriate and respectful as to why you chose not to participate.
Thanks,    Peter Schulz  (head of product development/ marketing, yes , we are a very small company )"

Enough desk work for today, back to the hands on stuff!  Be well...

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