Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time to fess up ?

This post is about SECRETS and teasing , both of which I unabashedly admit to.

You will NOT hear everything on this blog. It would ill advised from a business standpoint. 
Besides, both people and companies ask me to keep some things confidential. I will do my best to do so. I have my own secrets as well. I was going to do a blog post "Who is Peter  Schulz?" and give all sorts of interesting, and probably surprising to many I know, stories and facts about my prior life. Common sense has me holding off , at least for now. May have to wait for my autobiography...  

Teasing: Here is Boujmaa Guilloul on a new board being tested on Maui (photo by Jimmie Hepp).
Is he using a MoaB (TM) repositioner? Can not tell just from the photo. I am not going to tell you either. You'll have to ask him! I can only imagine his response. Then you really will be wondering.

At times I am going to allude to something and then not explain or give details. This is foreshadowing (hopefully) and will be important to the final story, if all goes right. I do get very excited about new ideas, and experiments, and just have to say something sometimes.
Like Project Mass Force! NOBODY knows what this one is but me. Almost ready for testing on the water. It will be tested in utmost secrecy. And almost certainly NOT in the Gorge or on Maui. If it's a big failure, or even just disappointing, well then I have wisely managed not to let anyone else down.

The bottom line: I am NOT going to be inaccurate or try to trick anyone. I AM going to try to deliver on what I talk about hoping to achieve. I AM holding a lot back, mainly because I do not yet have indisputable  PROOF. Another reason is lack of time to put together yet another video. Or I have somehow missed that I have yet to communicate something. Or it is just too much, too soon.

Yesterday, I ran into a good friend, who I rarely see anymore, who lives at the coast. He is friends with me on Facebook. He made a comment that I hear a lot    " I like what you are doing, but I do not really understand it". He does not windsurf. I get this even from some folks that do windsurf. I even get this from folks who do this for a living! It's a big challenge. The old way is quite ingrained in many.
Change is hard. I get this.
       I will do my best to ease your way...     - Peter

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