Friday, June 26, 2015

Focus shift due to our success!

Our field testing of the new generation of MoaB (TM) repositioners has proved to be wildly successful. Putting a halt to any more personal field testing to work on video documentation and raising capital to go global. Disruptive Wind is a unique company with lots of innovative ideas. We are preparing for a conventional round of angel financing (although I consider actually doing this is unlikely, but you never know) with a backup plan never seen before. We welcome both passive and active investor interest prior to (or instead of) the first round. Contact us at You do NOT need to be a qualified investor (you do to do the conventional) to participate as our innovative funding backup plan does not need SEC approval. Planned release of details is around the upcoming full moon.
Please note that we also remain very open to licensing deals or outright purchase of our patent US #8,870,615 Dynamic Foot Repositioning Systems.
I will point blank admit (as promised) that I do not always emphasize priorities correctly. I am a scientist and an inventor more than a businessman. That probably will not change, but I am looking to do better at the $$$. There is a serious opportunity here for those who recognize it!

I have to at least toss up a picture.
 Here is Maria on our latest prototype  (Starboard Kode 74) at The Wall :
Exciting times! Expect more posts soon...

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