Friday, July 17, 2015

Bashed by the best!

Well, we have hit the big time!
The most prolific poster on any windsurfing forum anywhere on the planet (yes, he has more than triple the posts of Isobars on iWindsurf) named (appropriately?) Basher has finally made a post he can not take back!  I present the exchange to you in it's entirety (so far) :

Quote Originally Posted by basher View Post
I'd suggest you learn to gybe, and then think again.

Frankly, it's a shed-dweller's idea for a wrongly-perceived problem that is better solved through learning to gybe with good technique, which takes time.

You are wasting your time.

And, to be blunt, we've also had a few too many promo posts from you about this on here, across several threads.
I'd also add – obvious issue – that a sliding footstrap change on a board for incompetent people makes the board just too heavy.

If you want to come back to me on that last point then great. We're not adverse to new ideas on here, but obvious plugging or – in your case, asking for investment – is a bit naff.
My reply "Sorry to disappoint, but I'll respond on more than one point.

My main goal was to present the new idea for discussion.

Multiple manufacturers I have talked to have said the weight issue is a non-issue for a production board because the regular footstrap inserts and reinforcements would be replaced by the simpler system. Also, the full pad is an alternative to board reinforcement in that area, plus the foot decks distribute impact force. Even just modifying a stock board added only 1 kg of weight to a 90 liter board.

Wrongly perceived problem? Seriously? You have just insulted many folks who have been windsurfing for many years who could benefit from this, as I have. Plus, you cement a barrier for beginners and those unable or unwilling to put the time in. This thing is so much fun that it draws one to put more time in, since your sailing becomes more efficient and you progress much faster. 
If you ever make your way to the Gorge area in Oregon/Washington USA , I'll put you on one and you will see for yourself the possibilities.

And I promise that I will never circumvent regular advertising channels to promote a consumer PRODUCT in a forum.

I was offering an opportunity to save windsurfing, and to profit doing so, for OTHER THAN JUST THE BIG PLAYERS!

So, in conclusion, if windsurfing dies, I blame you, and if this succeeds I reserve the right to quote your naysaying later! (just kidding)
No, I do appreciate your feedback, thank you!"

Here's a link to the discussion:!

I am getting a lot of feedback from all over the planet. Good stuff! Keep it coming....

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