Thursday, July 23, 2015

Naish Starship 100 is now a perk!

Crazy, but I'm going to let this board go to someone who will get much more joy out of it and hopefully show it off! The only perk you can play with right away! Taking a loss at $1500 to help spread the joy...


Upgraded with the latest prototype, latest footdecks, spare parts, and product support for one year. Basically, the board that would go to a beta tester. Free delivery and instruction if to the Columbia River Gorge area. I'll ship it elsewhere but you will have to share costs of doing so (shipping, packaging, tax, import fees, etc.). A very fun and fast board but not designed for wave riding. My style has caused me to "pearl" it (nose in and crash) a few times! Probably just me but be aware there is very little nose rocker, probably one of the reasons it is so fast and stable in the chop.

If, for any reason the prototype is not your cup of tea, it can be removed entirely and fixed foot straps reinstalled. That's the beauty of our add on concept, no changes to the underlying board required!

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