Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The latest video is here to help perplexed windsurfers understand what is different here and why I am so excited about it. It finally dawned on me that my stance has changed from a typical surfer "stand sideways to the board" to a more skier like "face forward" with the ever present option to switch to either side depending on the situation and my whims. This really is a new freedom I have never experienced before. I am looking forward to sharing it and exploring it further!

In other news, expect a BIG change very soon with the proud-funding campaign at

Gonna make history once again with the first ever crowdfunding reverse auction of Europe!

The blog and campaign will be updated at very close to the same time with the detailed explanation here.

As usual, you can contact me directly at if you want to be the first and only big winner. 37 countries that comprise the largest current windsurfing market on the planet.
"Buy it Now" for only $71,000 USD or 65,000 EUR . Good luck!

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